Friday, September 26, 2008


Who are idiots?

Well, PETA for one. They sent the letter (see last post) to Ben and Jerry.......they sold the company several years ago to a conglomerate.

Cheers to PETA. Not only are they idiots, but they're out of touch. See what not eating meat and dairy products does to one's brain cells?

And the other idiot is one I need to get off my chest. Earlier this summer a large ash tree fell on my property. The trunk was cut into nice 4 foot sections and stacked near the front corner of the property (about 25-30 feet off the road) so they would dry before I moved them up to the patio to be split for firewood.

Well, they were gone this morning. Some IDIOT decided they were there for the taking, and took them. It had to be at least two IDIOTS, because the logs were quite heavy and large. It pisses me off that someone would think they were entitled to take wood from someone elses property....they just added to their bad karma account.

Yeah, I feel better now.

Life is good. If someone tells you their fire burns cold, you'll know where they got the wood.

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