Friday, March 11, 2022

Weather or Not...To Fish

The last few weekend either I've been busy or the weather hasn't been conducive to fishing.  So of course, with this weekend being open for me, it looks like the weather is going to stop that notion in its tracks.

The long term forecast does looks better for next week.  In New Jersey, the little black stoneflies have been hatching well and should continue through the next couple of weeks.  Fishing a black pheasant tail nymph or small black stone, size #12-16, is a good bet right now.  And if you get lucky while on the water, you may even see the adults skittering along the surface and a trout or two rising recklessly to grab them for a quick meal.

The little blue-winged olives have been making an almost daily appearance on may streams in recent weeks and should continue to do so for a few weeks to come.   As usual, the hatches vary from day to day in intensity with the trout following suit.  And then there will be days when the hatch is good but the trout are practicing keeping their mouths shut while hanging close to the bottom out of sight.  So goes fishing.

Blue-winged Olive Parachute

Blue-winged Olive Spinners

Black Soft-hackle Pheasant Tail Nymph - my go-to for the Little Black Stonefly Nymphs

Micah's Twisted Black Stonefly Dry

Sharpen your hooks!

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