Sunday, September 22, 2019

One More Fly From Our Montana Trip

This is the Hi-Vis Rusty Spinner complete with egg sac that worked so well, particularly during morning spinner falls.  This pattern has several versions, some with a cdc wing and rusty goose biot body, and often it is tied without the egg sac.  This one is tied with a zelon wing and dubbed body - I tie it this way because I like the look and using zelon for the wing makes it a quick, durable tie.  I don't have any well-chewed versions of this fly because by the last day I had lost all of those I had tied. (Note to self; tie more of these before you go fishing anywhere.)     

Sharpen your hooks!


Anonymous said...

Matt, can you make a video of this pattern with Tim. That would be great. Rob

Anonymous said...

Matt, I have recently been directed to your site. I appreciate your willingness to share your exceptional tying skills. I would love to see a video of the Hi Vis Rusty Spinner. Thanks. Marty