Monday, December 18, 2017

Flies We Are Tying

I've been doing a lot of fly tying lately, some for my own fishing, and others to fill wooden fly boxes that are gifts for a couple of friends.  There's nothing like spending an hour or two (or more) in front of warm fire on a cold evening tying flies and thinking about the days to come when you can tie one on the end of your tippet and tempt a trout or two.

Here's a few Pumpkinhead Midges that have become a winter fishing must-have for me.     

(Click images to enlarge)
And here are a few Mathew's Blue-winged Olive Improved Sparkle Duns.  This fly has been my most effective bwo pattern the past few years both here in the Northeast and in the Rocky Mountain trout streams.  The more they get chewed up, the better they seem to work.  Tied on a DaiRiki #125 in sizes 18-24 - these are 18's.

Black and red Smoke Jumpers imitate midges and small mayflies well.  I know a few guys that fish the Upper Delaware River system that love this pattern, especially when the trout get fussy.

And finally, a few Prince Nymphs round out the bunch.  This is a great pattern for just about any freestone river, particularly those with good populations of Isonychias.  I often fish these in tandem with a scud pattern right on the bottom.  And yes, for those of you that know I rarely use head cement, I used UV Bondic on the heads because it just looks right for this pattern.  After all, it has to look good to fish well. ; ) 

And sharpen your hooks!


Unknown said...

Recipe on the olive improved sparkle dun ? thanks !

Matt Grobert said...


Thread: 6/0 Olive Danville
Wing: Dun dyed deer hair - fine
Shuck and rear wing: Single piece of dun/grey zelon tied in after wing
Thorax: Olive dubbing - I use Australian opossum

I'm going to reach out to Tim Flagler and see if we can do a video on how it is tied over the holidays. This fly is awesome and its really not that hard to tie.


Unknown said...

thanks Matt! With my screen I wasnt sure that was deer hair. Happy Holidays and best of the new year. Thanks for all the great content this past year and here's to lots of days with wet feet the upcoming year

Unknown said...

Hey Matt,

First off, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip West over the summer! I moved from Corning, NY to Denver 2 1/2 years ago so I love getting your east coast info as well. Looks like you crushed them, to which I am not surprised. Love the improved sparkle dun pattern. I have a feeling the fish on the South Platte/Pan/Eagle/etc. are going to have a hard time refusing that baby come March! Thanks again for the amazing posts and sincere love for our sport. You and Tim have been an inspiration to me for years with your impeccable videos. Merry Christmas and tight lines my friend!

Matt Grobert said...


Thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

I can tell you that the pattern works great on the Eagle River when the olives are hatching. Look at my September posts this year and you'll see a piece I did - it was the only fly we used and we clobbered fish.



Michael Gomez said...

Hi Matt,

Your improved sparkle dun tie is fantastic, professionally done. Any tying tips that you would like to share? And yes, a video by Tim Flagler would be greatly appreciated.

Merry Christmas,

Mike Gomez

Unknown said...


Saw that the improved sparkle dun tutorial is up. Had started to tie up a few and as always picked up a few helpful techniques from the video. Much appreciated and am anxious for warmer weather to give this good looking pattern a try.