Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fruits of Autumn

The squirrels and other nut eating animals must be very happy this year as the bounty of acorns, hickory nuts, walnuts and chestnuts is about as great as I have seen in many years.  If you read the Farmer's Almanac, it will tell you that this is a harbinger of a severe winter, as the thinking goes that nature anticipates the future - trees bear more fruit, animals have thicker fur, pigs gathering sticks, the height of the hornets nests, the narrow width of the red band on a woolly worm, etc.

Some scientists, however, tell a different story.  In fact, some science folk claim a bountiful season of tree nuts is a hind cast, not a forecast. Acorn production for white oaks takes about two years from bud to acorn, and three years for red and black oaks.  In other words, this years bounty is the result of long, wet growing seasons two and three years ago depending on the species of oak.  

I like to think they both hold true, although I would prefer I milder winter this year after the last two. Only time will tell.  Look for an update next spring.

Yes, I'll remember, especially if I'm cursing the acorns after a harsh winter.

Sharpen your hooks and don't slip on the nuts.

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