Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tying the Trico Parachute

Here's a highly visible Trico pattern we fish  in the early morning hours both here in the Northeast, and out West.  The one in the video is a size 20, but they can easily tied in sizes 22 and 24, it just takes a little practice.  The best way to tie the small ones is to tie a few on the size 20 to get the hang of it, and then go to the smaller ones.  I also tie these using the best tying thread out there - 6/0 Olive Danville - which imitates the light olive bodied females.  And how about that lighting?  Tim Flagler changed his lighting methods for these videos, and it sure does give them some added pop.   

Hook: TMC 100 sizes 20-24
Thread: 6/0 Black Danville
Post: EP Trigger Point Fibers - click to go to site.
Tails: Dun microfibbets
Abdomen: Tying thread
Thorax: Black Australian Opossum
Hackle: Light dun

I fish these, and all my dry flies, using a George Harvey slack leader using two foot sections for the body. With the transition piece and tippet, it's about 12 feet long.

Sharpen your hooks.....and clean your line, doing both makes a difference and will improve your game.


Mr. Q said...

Nice video, except...who is that boob standing in the morning light looking confused?

Matt Grobert said...

That "boob" had just gotten to the river and was scoping things out when unbeknownst to him, Flagler was in the shadows across the drink.