Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A "New" Hackle

Our friend Bill Shuck emailed the above photograph along with the following text: 

While stripping the usual desirable feathers from a male wood duck gifted by a local hunter last fall, I saved some of the upper coverts on a whim. The other day I finally got around to sorting all the feathers and decided to try tying a spider or two using the coverts to see how they looked in macro. Here’s one using light orange Pearsall’s that came out pretty well. Although the barbs do not have the defined linear markings of waterhen or Gambel’s quail, they are a nice grey dun with a lively appearance.

That's a great looking soft hackle; it came out much better than "pretty well".  Thanks for sharing, Bill.

Sharpen your hooks.


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Anonymous said...

I agree, very nice, the simplicity is beautiful...

I wonder if he used any glue:)