Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tying the March Brown (Deer Hair) Emerger

Here's a simple but very effective trout pattern I have been fishing for many years to imitate the larger mayflies that emerge in late May through July.  It's comprised of three materials, and by changing them up in different colors and sizes, you can imitate a number of mayflies with ease.  The pattern floats well and is effective on both fast and slow waters, which is a plus, too.  Thanks again to Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions for another excellent job in producing the video.

Hook: TMC R200 #10
Thread: 6/0 Danville Orange
Trailing Shuck: Mayfly brown micro zelon
Body: Fawn rabbit
Wing: Deer body hair

Sharpen your hooks.


Anonymous said...

What happened? Dud ya' all run out of X-Caddis hooks?

Matt Grobert said...

Anon, I'd respond, but there are no words...... : )

Anonymous said...


I saw this video link on the Orvis News site last week. I was going camping with my son to the Deerfield river in MA for the weekend, and knew that the March Browns were hatching, so I tied a half dozen of these in preparation. I used a size 12 hook. This by far was the best producing pattern for the hatch, out fishing the old reliable Adams parachute.

Thanks for the great pattern and blog!