Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Little More of DePuy's

Here's a few more sights from Paradise Valley and our day on Depuy's Spring Creek.

Here's a typical Yellowstone Cutthroat trout that took a small hopper fished just off the bank. The fly is cast softly into the high grass lining the undercut bank, and then after a brief pause, you gently pull it out so it lands just off the grass with a gentle "plop". If you are lucky, as I was here, the fly gets hammered almost immediately by a healthy trout.

Looking east toward the Absaroka Beartooth Mountains.  The cottonwood trees in the distance line the banks of the Yellowstone River.  

Here's a section of the lower creek looking upstream just a short distance from where it enters the Yellowstone River.

Sharpen your hook.


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Lester Kish said...

Such a beautiful place, isn't it? I hope you enjoyed your day on the water. The scenery alone is worth the trip.