Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tying Marinaro's Thorax Dun

After some prodding from Tim, I finally sat down this past weekend and tied the fly that Vincent Marinaro developed for the ultra-tough trout residing in the limestone spring creeks of the Cumberland Valley, just west of Harrisburg, PA.  Tying most of the fly is fairly straightforward as you can see here in the video; its the the winding of the crisscrossed hackle that sends most tiers running for the hills.  The key is the dubbing around the wing/thorax - it has to be dubbed so that the hackle stem can be caught in it as it is wound at an angle (the stem has to cut into the dubbing or it will slip).   I don't tie many this way, but those I do, I reserve for those tough risers that the fly was meant for.          

Vincent C. Marinaro wrote two classic books on fly fishing for trout - Ring of the Rise, and Modern Dry Fly Code.  Both books are classics and well worth the read for any angler.

Thanks to Tim and Joan Flagler for another wonderfully produced video.

Sharpen your hooks!


Jim Hepner said...

Next time you tie one, tie the hackles in dull side together then use your hackle pliers to twist them at least 8 times before you wind them on, it's easy and works well.

Mr. Q said...

..and your spinning your dubbing the wrong way ;)!!!!!