Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is Finally Here

We have had a very long, cold winter, but today we celebrate the sun passing over the equator on it's journey northward to bring us longer, warmer days.  I'm sure winter will try to come in the back door once or twice more, but it will be short lived, and besides we have the sun on our side now. Most of the snow pack has melted, and the rivers are in good shape.  With any luck this spring should bring us normal water levels around here and decent hatches to fish over.

We had some fairly heavy rains last night, which brought the river levels up quite a bit; you can bet they look like chocolate milk right now.  If they come down and clear by the weekend, we'll try to get some time in on the water and report back to you all with a long overdue fishing report!

Sharpen your hooks!

P.S. My daughter Leigh was taking Henley for a walk today and snapped this photo with her cell phone of a gator next to the pond near her apartment.  I just got back from visiting them yesterday, and the only thing we saw was a cold rain the whole time.  I'll just have to go back soon.


Mr. Q said...

Epic hatches!!! Positive thoughts!!! I like it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Spring has sprung, the grass has ris, I wonder where the flowers is?

JMSmithy said...

Lot to look forward to my friend w/ little Henley at your side....right now in the great North Woods of the Adirondacks we have 35+" on the ground!!! Season opens 4/1....should be down to 32" by then!! Haven't made any syrup yet either...too cold...!

Unknown said...

Tracking another winter storm for Tuesday into Wednesday that may or may not hit our area. I'm done with this winter!

Anonymous said...

It is not hitting us Mr. know it all.