Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Short Report of a Beautiful Sunday

This past Sunday I fished with Douglas on a small Lehigh Valley limestone creek, and the weather was as good as it gets this time of the year.  It was one of those late summer days when the sun is still quite warm yet the air has the chill of Autumn carried by light breezes - when you stand in the sun you get hot, and when you are in the shade it's just right.
The creek was on the low side, which is typical for late summer, as all of our streams tend to be after a long hot summer.  Before long October rains will replenish the water table and the rivers will return to good, cool flows and then in late Autumn where the gravel is clean and protected, the trout will spawn as they do every year.  Doug and I saw the results of last year's spawning, as we both caught many small 3-4 inch browns on Sunday, as though these fish were letting us know a new cycle is about to begin.  We let them go immediately so as not to harm them.  We also got a bunch of older browns; here is one I took on a small brown serendipity.
Doug spent some time fishing a dropper rig consisting of a CDC and Elk caddis and a small beadhead nymph under that, with which he took a nice fish on the dry.  Because there wasn't much happening on top though, we mostly fished nymphs and covered a lot of water.  Here is Doug working a nice run and concentrating as he always does with his two nymph comp rig - he took a few fish from here despite my having fished it a short time earlier.   We finished the day by doing some "rock rolling" - picking a few rocks out of the current to inspect them for nymphs and caddis larvae that cling to their undersides and call it home.   
Another fine day on the water.    


Anonymous said...

Aah, but the smell of the BBQ from the park goers is the best part of that location in summer.

Anonymous said...

The swimmers and waders are really annoying......

Brk Trt said...

Beautiful coloring on that brown.
Well done.