Friday, August 9, 2013

13 Habits of Highly Effective Anglers

Here's a great piece from Andrew Bennett on the Deneki Outdoors blog with some of the best, straightforward advice I've read in a long time.  He boils it down and hits on all the important stuff the best anglers do every time they fish.  I particularly like #2.  : )
  1. Check your knots.  Every single time they tie a knot, effective anglers give it a good tug to make sure it’s strong and seated correctly.  Every time.  It is very unusual for a really good angler to ‘break one off’.
  2. Keep your hooks sharp.  Almost any time he touches his fly, a great angler will check its point to make sure it’s sharp.  If it’s not, he’ll sharpen it or replace it.
Click here for the entire article: 13 Habits of Highly Effective Anglers

Sharpen those hooks!


Black Magic! said...

How about clean you floating line it floats!!!

Matt Grobert said...

Black, great addition, and nothing magical to it. I clean mine just about every outing; takes a minute or two.