Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Thin Line?

I wrote a post the other day titled, "The Thin Line...Madness", and a bunch of readers emailed me asking what inspired the post, and why The Thin Line?   Some of you wondered "what the hell the title had to do with the post?" They got the Madness part - but found the rest obtuse.  AND, some of you chided me about the possibility that I was stoned, drunk, or both, when I wrote the post.  None of the aforementioned is true, I was simply writing the stuff that flows down from the gray matter between my ears to my fingers, and onto the screen.  It wasn't so long ago paper would have been the terminus of these thoughts.   

The Thin Line, is the surface of the water.  It is that fine line which separates the air breathing, reasoning (this is open to debate), perceptive angler, from the water breathing, instinctively willed trout.  Our world is as harsh to the trout, as their world is to us.  And it is that which defines the difference between how we approach the act of angling, and how the trout reacts to our approach.  The essence of the thin line is the difference between the thinking being, and the reactive being - cognitive vs. instinctual.  It is a metaphor that can be expressed in many ways, but what really matters is this: The better we can understand the ways trout behave, the better we can adapt our approach to achieve a positive reaction from the fish to our offering.  And finally, isn't it fascinating that for us the thin line - the water surface - reflects our environment back at us, and that it does the same for the trout?  The water surface on both sides is a mirror of our respective worlds.           

With respect to the content of the post, here you go:  I try to work on my book every night, and sometimes I lose the caboose on my train of thought, and head off to another destination.  That post was one of those instances; although I think the caboose managed to stay put in this case, and that is why I posted it.  Other times when I write stuff, my stream of conscientiousness goes all Thom Yorke (Radiohead) on me, and it gets saved in the junk file.  Nothing gets deleted though, because you never know when you might reread it, and find something within the text that brings you to your senses, or maybe even a new one.


Anonymous said...

WOW..that's deep man,just like some water.

Jaybird said...

Matt , when reading this and the last post , in my mind I hear the words with a French accent and a little riders on the storm playing in the background . That mirror thing is very cool idea of how are worlds work . I'm a fan .