Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hendrickson Sparkle Duns

Here's a trio of Hendrickson sparkle duns tied in anticipation of this year's mid-April to early May angling festivities. Tie some up, you'll need them very soon.

(Click photo to enlarge)
Sharpen your hooks.


Will said...

Is that zlon from the tail going up through the body then forming the center of the wing?

Thanks - I appreciate the help!


Matt Grobert said...


That is zelon; the same piece that forms the tail. Matt

Michael said...

Hi Matt,
Is there a chance we would see a Tightline Productions video of this pattern?



EdO said...


Does the Hendrickson Sparkle Dun
float upright, or does it lay on it's side?

Matt Grobert said...

Michael, I'll talk to Tightline Productions and see what we can do.
EdO, Yes, when its tied well the wing acts like a parachute and it lands upright with the hook acting as ballast to keep it that way.

Michael said...

Thanks Matt, I see it up on the tightlines page at Vimeo. You guys are awesome!