Saturday, February 9, 2013

More on the Regal Vise

A couple of folks wrote me yesterday asking about how I like the when tying with smaller hooks  So far, I've had no issues with the stainless steel jaws, which are designed to hold hooks from #2 down to #32.  The Regal Vise specification narrative says:  

The Stainless Steel Jaw is the smallest profile jaw in the Regal line of vise jaws. The jaw is manufactured from heat-treated stainless steel that allows for machining the small profile yet maintains the durability expected in a Regal Vise. This jaw is versatile and accommodates hook sizes from 32 to 2 making it the trout fisherman’s dream vise.
The standard jaws have a little larger profile and will hold hooks from #1/0 down to #22, according to the specification.
Here's a Dai Riki 060 #20 in the vise.  As you can see, no problem at all - the hook is seated far enough in the jaws that it isn't going to chip the edge, or shoot out onto the carpet.  And there's plenty of room to tie on it comfortably.    
And here's a Tiemco 200R #22.  No problem.......what's not to like?  If you are regularly tying small flies, Regal does make a Midge Jaw, which is designed for the serious small fly tier.
And here's the view out the living room window about midnight last night.
We only got about 6" fortunately, my daughter Megan, who lives in Charlestown/Boston got hammered though.  Here is her car this morning!  She's fine, has power and heat. 
Time to sit down at the Regal and tie some up!


Jaybird said...

Hey Matt , I've used my midge jaws for 18years no problem . The thing I love about my regal is I feel in a fit of frustration I could throw it against the wall and it would be no worse for wear .Maybe that says more about me than the regal ,either way its very solid , the standard base is a little light , but other than that its as solid a piece of flyfishing/tying equipment I own , well worth the money.

Brk Trt said...

Play ball at Fenway in about 60 days.

Mr. Q said...

It's a good thing she left her wiper blades up......;)

Daughter #1 said...

Mr. Q - very observant, yup wipers were up!

Only took 3 days - around 5 total hours - to get it out :)

Mr. Q said...

Nice work!!!!! I bet it was a big pain in the butt!!!