Monday, January 21, 2013

Marlborough Fly Fishing Show

While it's nothing like the almost chaos of the Somerset Show, the Marlborough, MA, show this past weekend was a good time.  I had only signed up to be there Saturday and Sunday, as I had meetings in Boston on Friday for work, but someone with the show didn't get the memo and scheduled me for a Friday presentation. So I kept my 1:00pm meeting short, got my butt on the road, and was ready to go in time to get the job done at 3:00pm.  I had no idea what to expect as this was the first time I presented at this show, and I was pleasantly surprised with a good crowd.      
It was a good weekend with all three of my presentations well attended.  I met a heck of a lot of really nice people, and as always, I learned more than few things about stuff I had no idea existed.  I was tying alongside Pat Cohen, and Safet Nikocevic, originally from Yugoslavia, who now lives in Queens, who now restores pianos for Steinway and Sons.   Also within earshot were Ted Patlen and Rich Strolis, both great tyers and good people. 
For those of you not familiar with Pat Cohen, IMHO he is the best bass bug, deer hair stacker/tyer on the planet.  His flies are works of art; durable, fishable, aesthetically pleasing, big flies for BIG fish.  Here's a few of his creations I photographed during a lull:
Now it's time to get ready for Somerset and do it all over again. 
See you at the show.    


Will said...

I had hoped to go, but life conspired against me... Pat's creations are truely amazing! His skill's with hair are definately unmatched!

Swamp Yankee said...

I attended your Saturday presentation and came out with some great tips.. i.e. I @ have now added a small hook sharpener to my arsenal of fly fishing edc. Thanks

joe said...


Enjoyed meeting you and atendingg the presentation. I always learn something from all the presenters. Thanks

bob meyer said...

Nice to meet you at the show. Liked your talk and thanks for taking the time to show me how you tie the pumpkin head and your dubbing methods for the gnat and cloud emerger. Tight lines!