Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Autumn's Splendor

I managed to get out and fish the last hour and a half of light yesterday; there's nothing like dusk at the end of a warm, calm Autumn afternoon.  The trees are now in their full glory - golden amber, yellow, red and mixed shades of each filling in the fading greens of summer.  The river was clear and on the low side, with the colors of the fallen leaves scattered in the water and on the surface. 
The low water conditions made for some tough fishing as many of the trout likely saw me before I even cast my fly.  Where I fished there was little room for cover, so after spooking a couple of fish that hung within inches of the bank, I took the low approach with each run/pool, fishing away from the water's edge and from my knees.  I managed a few nice rainbows, all on a brown serendipity, and just before dark, I took a beautiful little wild brook trout on a Mercer's Missing Link caddis dry.
It's a wonderful time of the year to be on the water, so get out and fish!
Sharpen your hooks.

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Brk Trt said...

Very true, get out and enjoy.
Wonderful wild jewel.