Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Amazing, the Caribou Caddis Works!!

Here's a short video Tim Flagler made last evening while fishing the Caribou Caddis.  This is one pattern that I never go fishing for trout without.  It's produced fish when nothing else seems to, from Northern California to Maine, and many rivers in between.   

Tie some up and fish them, they work quite well.  If you are not a fly tyer, Shannon's Fly Shop in Califon sells them in three different colors.

Nice job, Tim.  Thanks.

We got a couple of nice Caribou Caddis write-ups today on Orvis' Blog, and on Midcurrent.  Thanks Phil and Marshall.

Orvis News - Caribou Caddis

Midcurrent - Caribou Caddis

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