Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tying the Cloud Emerger

Here's a mayfly emerger pattern of mine I've been using with success for a number of years that uses the Matt's Gnat rabbit twist technique for the thorax.  The shuck and abdomen are pretty standard matters, but the thorax and wingcase are unique in style and technique, which gives this pattern a buggy look and great buoyancy.  When trout are taking emerging mayflies off the surface, this is one of my go-to patterns.  As usual, Tim Flagler did his magic creating the video.

Hendrickson Cloud Emerger

Hook: #12-14 Dai Riki #125
Thread: 6/0 Danville Olive
Shuck: Mayfly brown zelon
Abdomen: Rusty brown Australian opossum
Thorax: Peacock/snowshoe rabbit foot twist
Wingcase: Natural goose wing

It's not as difficult to tie as it may look; the key to getting it right is that same as for any fly - leave yourself enough room at the head.  This starts with the thorax, which should begin at the halfway point of the hook shank.

Tie some up and keep those hooks sharp!


Anonymous said...

Great looking bug!

The Jersey Angler said...

That is a GREAT looking tie! You never cease to impress!

Mr. Q said...

Really cool. I can see my over crowded eyes already.....

Micah said...

What Mr. Q Said