Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tying the MONSTER Bugger

Here's one of my early season patterns for high water and/or turbid water conditions.  Its the rare occurance when I go to streamers or woolly buggers, but sometimes you have to adapt if you want to catch fish.  I carry only a few streamer patterns when I'm on the water, not because they are ineffective, but becasue I prefer to fish nymphs or dries and only go to streamers when I feel I have no choice.  I'll have 4 or 6 of these, and maybe a couple of standard buggers or SLF buggers, and that's it for streamers.  I don't even have a box for them, I just keep them in a small pocket of my vest and dig one out when there's a need.  You can tie them in just about any color you prefer.

As you can see, its just a variation on a common theme and its nothing new, but its definitely worth knowing how to tie.

Matt's Monster Bugger from Tightline Productions on Vimeo

Come to think of it, I carry very few different nymph patterns, too, when I fish.  I carry a lot in terms of the number of flies, but maybe only a dozen different patterns, all in one box.    But that's fodder for another day.

No matter what kind of fly you fish, sharpen your hooks, and you will hook and land more fish.


Micah said...

Hey now, that looks a lot like my big bugger. We're going to have to compare notes at the fly show.

Anonymous said...

I don't have sound on my computer...what is the material used for the body called?

Matt Grobert said...

Anon, the body is krystal chenille.