Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tying the Chimarra Caddis Larva

Here you go folks, the Chimarra caddis larva pattern.  I tied a heck of a lot of these the last three days at the show, as part of my presentation included this February/March "must have" subsurface pattern.  Unfortunately, none of the fly shops that were at the show brought the essential ingredient - yellow flexx floss.


Hook: #18 Scud
Underbody: 6/0 Danville orange thread
Overbody: Yellow flexx floss
Head: 6/0 Danville tobacco brown thread
Tie some up and fish them behind a heavier nymph.   


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Is flexi floss and wonder wrap he same thing?

Matt Grobert said...

I don't think so. There are a bunch of stretch products on the market that may work though. I use the UNI products Flexx Floss, but there is Flexi Floss and other flat translucent products... Wapsi sells a stretch tubing that in the smaller diameter may work too. Check with your local fly shop.

Anonymous said...

I saw patterns on UK based sites and youtube users using flexi floss but I couldn't find it anywhere online. Recently I saw a pattern using wonder wrap that seemed very similar, like you say there are many different products going.
Anyway I love all your video tutorials, they're very informative and I had some luck with your saoft hackle pattern last year.
Now I just need to get some fishing done this year.

biloutback said...

Matt - Nice Job, where do U get this floss, I checked here NJ locally, couldn't find it. by the way killed them yesterday on my version - Bill H

Matt Grobert said...

J. Stockard has the floss in their on line catalog, or you can go on the UNI Products web site and they list their dealers. I had no idea it would be so hard to find, its been around for years.

Torrey Collins said...

Fishing looking fly, nice & simple too. The spandex floss for this Pattern is available under several different names: Flexi Floss, UNI-flexx, Spanflex (Wapsi), and prob several other names. This is the same material commonly used on the Rubber Leg Stones that are so popular out West (Pat's Rubber Legs & others) and have made their way Eastward. You will know it's correct if it's flat, ultra stretchy, and moderately translucent.