Sunday, July 31, 2011

CDC and Elk - Tightlines Productions

I had lunch yesterday with Tim Flagler, the mastermind behind Tightline Productions, to talk about making some tying videos. Looks like he will be doing some video of yours truly tying flies and sharing my far-fetched theories on why and how I tie them, along with the best times to fish them.   At least that's the plan.  The end result might be somewhat different, but we'll give it a shot.  Whatever the end product is, we'll stand by it.  In the very least, we'll dispense another viewpoint to add to the already vast amount of information floating around the web and confusing the masses.   

Tim has been doing some tying videos of various flies he fishes, and we'll share one of his favorites here.  He is an accomplished tyer, and like a lot of us, he has some unique methods of his own to share.  The CDC and Elk is a caddis dry that is attributed to our friend on the other side of the pond, Hans Weilenmann of the Netherlands, one of the finest tyers in Europe.

Enjoy, and check out some of the other videos on his site.  Stay tuned for the animated versions of some of the flies I have featured here in past pasts? 

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Anonymous said...

Very nice, I love the little diddy playing in the background, and the way he locks in the cdc...