Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Flies Well-chewed Flies From the Weekend

I tend to be fairly straightforward when it comes to the flies I use and carry for fishing at any given time, and this past weekend was no exception.  My vest always has more empty pockets than those that are occupied by fly boxes and other tackle, as opposed to the guys I fish with, who when they put on their vest add tonnage to their total weight.

I fished a total of 5 fly patterns the entire weekend, and probably no more than 10 flies total.  Of those 5 patterns I did fish, only three patterns were the fish takers.  Below are the three patterns that worked, and the other two patterns that didn't work but were fished, were a blue-winged olive thorax, and the other a light cahill.

First up is the Iris Caddis, which is one of the best caddis emerger imitations we have ever fished.  We've been tying them on size #16 Dohiku dry fly hooks, and the combination of materials and Czech steel make for a very effective imitation.             

Next up, the Isonychia, or Slate Drake, emerger.  These big, juicy flies draw trout from the depths when the naturals are present, and this weekend we got to enjoy the rewards.

Finally, we have the Sulphur Usual.  This pattern in size #18 and 20, was our most successful with the finicky trout of the Delaware.  Despite other flies hatching in much greater numbers - Blue-winged olives and large Sulphurs - this fly brought the most trout to hand.  Talk about a simple but effective pattern!

The other necessary ingredient was a fairly long leader, 12-13 feet in total length, of which 30" was 5X tippet.   

Like I said in the prior post, the fish were not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but a good cast, a drag-free drift that was well-timed, and your reward would be the quick, soft sip of a trout taking your offering.

How sweet it is!     


Brk Trt said...

They're all great flies.
But that Slate emerger, Wow.

Anonymous said...

Excellent flies Matt! They look great! I have been tying up that iris caddis since I bought your book a while back and the last two springs this has been one of my go to patterns.


Anonymous said...

HEY, I fish with you and only carry two fly nymphs and emergers and one dry!!! the tonage comes from all the lanyards and clips so i don't loose my net or nippers or tippet, and the damn wading staff so I don't break "MY FLY ROD" again!!!LOL OH by the way I love those flies!!!!!

Jersey Jimmy said...

What color patterns do you recommend for the Iris Caddis, specifically the body, shuck, tail and head color combos. Do they matter as much or is it the shape that matters more?
I was ready to tie and printed the fly image in black and white.
I couldnt figure it out, so tied Pheasant tail emergers instead.
Also, have you ever fished the NBRR around Far Hills?
Yesterday, I fished the Natirar property and caught small smallmouths and sunnies, although I did hook up with a nice brown. Just looking for your thoughts on this river.
The temps on it are borderline right now. 69 degrees in the morning.