Friday, May 27, 2011

Sulphurs Everywhere!!

Hit the river tonight after dinner.  Water was high and a little off-color still.  Around 8:00PM, the sulphurs started to hatch and within about 15 minutes, there were flies everywhere...on the water, in the air and most importantly, being taken by the trout.  Not as many as there might be if the water were lower and clearer, but enough to provide plenty of targets. We caught a bunch of nice browns before it got too dark to see.  Once the water comes down a little more, we should see many more fish coming up for the bugs.

That's it. Got to crash.  I'll be on the water this weekend and will fill in the gaps I left tonight.

Sharpen those hooks!!

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Anonymous said...

Memorial Day was AWESOME on the "CREEK"...Big fish, and tiny wild brookies...See you soon galut!!!