Sunday, January 16, 2011

Show's Over.....On to the Next One

Just got back from the Marlborough, MA show, and it was a good one.  Karen and I had a sort of vacation for three days, me tying and demonstrating, and both of us catching up with friends and having a great time in the evenings.  The crowds were good, but not crazy like Somerset, and even today was pretty busy for a Sunday.

Yep, I know I didn't post anything like I had hoped, but we were busy having fun and tiring ourselves out.......and focusing. ; )  I did take a bunch of photos, which I'll post tomorrow along with the details. Tied a load of flies, gave most away, and also scored a beautiful piece of pink urine-stained fox fur for the Hendrickson, courtesy of Dave Brant.  Thank you, Dave!

Off to bed.

Sharpen those hooks and hold on for more..........         

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