Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Show Time!!

The first show of the year for me starts today, in Marlborough, MA.  After taking care of a couple of things for work, I'll head over to the show this afternoon and get started.

I'm bringing my camera and hope to post a story each day and some photos for you here.  I say hope to, because as most of my friends know, I'm easily's rumored that I'm A.D.D., but you know how rumors get started these days with the internet and all.  I think Mr. Q started the rumor........or maybe it was my wife.............or my mother?


1 comment:

Mr. Q said...

Good luck Matt. I hope you have a great show!!!!!

It is not a rumor and are you being oversensitive? are ADD! Silly man. Lemme see what other rumors I can start??????LOL