Monday, October 11, 2010

Musky One Fly Tournament Update

A couple of weeks ago I posted the announcement for the Musky One Fly Contest that was being held this past Saturday October 9th.

The results are one caught anything.  Seriously, that's not a fisherman's lie, that's the truth!  I was not present, and do not know how many anglers participated, nor do I know what flies they may have had such poor results with.  It sounds as though power bait may not have worked.  At least they had perfect fall weather................maybe too perfect.  Bright sun and slight breeze.  

So, the organizer, New Jersey Trout Unlimited, will be announcing a new date for the tournament with high hopes that the planets of the fishing Gods will be in better alignment. 

That's why they call it fishing, and not catching.     


Jimmy229oz said...

I fished the Musky Sunday and got a brand total of one strike.
I actually feel better about myself now.

micah said...

I am SO mad I didn't make the run up there for that now!