Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Yellow Sally

Here's a cool set of photos that J.B. McCollum shot of one of my Yellow Sally imitations.  J.B. who recently graduated from Roanoke College, is doing all the photography for the book I'm currently writing and he's been messing around with fly shots.  I think you'll agree his photos are the tits.

I love this shot.  It clearly shows how the fly looks from the fishes POV.  Notice how clearly visible the tippet is.  I guarantee the trout can see it as well, but as long as the fly is drifting drag-free, they don't give a damn.  To them it's just another piece of flotsam on/in the water.  If the fly looks unencumbered, apparently the trout don't see the "connection".  The hook point is alos pretty darn visible, but again, they don't seem to mind.  There is a school of thought though, that on heavily fished waters, the trout over time do begin to associate the hook point with negative consequences...........I'm on the fence on this one, but stearing toward the "they don't care side".  I still believe that trout don't care as long as the fly appears to be drifting freely. I'll save long version of my thoughts for the book...........

And here's the proof in the pudding.  A very nice brown taken on the fly by J.B.'s dad, Bruce.  Now we're talking photography, what a shot.  

See what you have to look forward to when the book comes out?  Even if you don't buy my drivel, you'll get to enjoy some rocking photos by the kid!  These are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Game on!  Sharpen those hooks. 


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I like how the fish's point of view is of the fly snagged in the bushes!

I had to. Sorry Matt. Looking forward to the book.