Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Caddis and Some Montana Moon Shine

You've seen my posts with my Caribou Caddis dry flies.  Here's the same fly with a snowshoe rabbit foot hair wing,  I used this fly one day on the Madison River, and despite high winds, caught fish on it right up until dark.  I fished it with 4X tippet, the leader totaled 13-14 foot in length.  Long leaders are required if you want to catch fish with consistency with dries when the rivers are so clear and at summer levels.  At times the wind made it tough, but with proper timing of your cast, you could get your fly where it needed to be with the long leader.  It took tons of patience and concentration, and at times the wind was so fierce, I would just grab my fly and wait a bit. 

Here's the well-chewed fly complete with the end of the tippet still attached, and as with the Caribou hair version, I use a trailing shuck of zelon, so it serves as both an emerger and an adult.

Montana moon shine over the Gallatin River:

Go get 'em, and sharpen those hooks!


micah said...

Nice! Have you messed with any sort of overwing?

Matt Grobert said...

I did a few years ago, but didn't find that adding an overwing made the fly more effective than without. They look better to us, but in the end, it's one more step than is necessary. If you try it, let me know how it works for you.