Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hendricksons/Red Quills Have Arrived!!

One of my favorite hatches, Ephemerella subvaria, has begun to hatch.  It signals the arrival of spring and is the first hatch of the year that really brings the trout to the surface to feed.  It always starts with the males, Red Quills, and a few days later come the females, Hendricksons.  By early next week in New Jersey, both should cover the water surface by mid-afternoon and trout will be sipping away.  It's the tits!!

Here is a Red Quill that came to poppa today...........

Sharpen your hooks!!!!!

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Matt Grobert said...

Anonomustad, I'm glad you're excited the Hendricksons are about to show........but not that excited!
I was asked to delete your post, you nut.