Monday, March 22, 2010

After and Before the Flood

The rivers came down enough by Friday after the deluges of the prior weekend, that after work I managed to get in an hour or so of deep water fishing.   The river was clear and high, up to your tits high, and the fish knew better than I that all I was in for was some fresh air and exercise.  There were a good number of Baetis hatching, some little-black stoneflies and midges, but nothing rising to them.  It was a beautiful night to be out, and afterwards I met Karen and Julia (little Karen if there ever was one) for dinner down the road at the brew pub.

Remember a short few weeks ago when I ventured out across this field in 2 feet of snow?  Here is was Friday evening, a little moist but otherwise free of the cold, white stuff.

Saturday was another beautiful day, but I left the rivers and the trout to themselves.   I did treat Karen to the NNJTU Annual Banquet that evening.  Good fun with lots of friends for a good cause.    

Sunday, was like a mid May day, warm, sunny and the rivers had come down enough to allow one to find the lies and holding water.  The trout cooperated, too.  The first couple of hours I walked into and fished a rarely fished section of the South Branch and was rewarded for my efforts with a few nice rainbows.  It always nice to go where there are no footprints or other signs of human life, especially early in the year. 


Later I met Jim and we fishsed for maybe an hour into dusk at another double secret location.  He took a nice holdover rainbow, and a beautiful, small wild rainbow.  Both on an RS2.  I took only one, but it was a big Rainbow, maybe 20" and 3.5 to 4 pounds.  Fat and healthy and still swimming in the run right where I released him shortly after netting him and taking a quick photo.

Here's Jim's  holdover fish.  Mine is on Jim's camera, and I'll post it when he sends it to me........don't hold your breath!  

It was a great end to a May like mid-March weekend.  Almost forgot - I took all of my fish on a #12 LaFontaine brown/yellow sparkle pupa.

Now we are in for a new flood.  It is pouring out as I write this and the forecast is for 1-2 inches of rain...the rivers are rising fast........................ 

Sharpen your hooks!

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Anonimouse said...

tell Jim to send it!!!! I want to see that fish