Tuesday, December 1, 2009

She told me, "I wish I were a trout........"

............that way you would be obsessed with me."

A friend's wife told him this as he asked if he might go fishing......again.

A couple of comments from the peanut gallery:

Maybe she should learn to fish?
Or, ask to go along and read or walk while he fishes? 
Maybe she should find her own passion......like tying flies?
Maybe she should be happy that he has something to do besides sit around the house and grow a gut?
Maybe she should be happy she KNOWS he is fishing, and not doing something that might really cause friction?

Maybe I should just go fishing and mind my own business.........

Anyone seen my wife? 

Last time I saw her she was acting like a trout.


Anonymous said...

this sounds pretty familiar, maybe she should learn to quilt..(it takes up a lot of time!)

Matt Grobert said...

Why, are you cold?