Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Has the Dumbing Down of America Reached Fly Fishing?

In this short blog entry by Merwin, he refers to it as flippancy, but that's not what I would call it.  It's more like the spoon-fed generation.  It's no wonder so many people are unhappy.  They don't want to work hard for anything, so they don't get the intellectual and emotional joy that comes from personal growth in their job or activities......they want to be boss right out of college, they want the magic fly or technique without trying to find it themselves, they want to be shown where to fish - not just the river, but the exact fishing hole complete with GPS coordinates of where the rocks are that the fish can be found behind...........


micah said...

I do love to stand in a river contemplating my navel - catching fish has been a bonus for me since way back.

Matt Grobert said... can't fool me, I know you go through mental hoops trying to read water and find the right technique whilst looking for navel lint.........or is that fly tying material?