Tuesday, September 15, 2009

FISH CAN'T READ - John Juracek, Muttering Guy and Other Good Stuff

"......and one morning you're staring at the mirror, wiping the mote of muskrat fur from your face while hungry moths ping off the sputtering florescent and you realize the gulf was as broad as the one leapt from spin fishing to fly fishing; there are those that tie and those that don't - and buying the damned flies would be cheaper."

From Three Flies Short - http://www.fishcantread.com/  

Here's a new fly fishing ezine with some real good writing and plenty of pictures for peoplewhocantread.com/ 

Before you buy your next fly rod, be sure to read - The Fly Life - Evaluating a Fly Rod by John Juracek.  John brings his usual highly pragmatic viewpoint to the things that really matter when choosing a fly rod for FISHING.

Tight lines.


Anonymous said...

Hey, not unless Dave buys your tying materials......Galut

Micah said...

I love the "Now that your single, storage is not an issue."

The GF got a real dose of fly-tying-mahem last night when she entered the Man Cave. I don't think she's been around when the vaults have been open and dumped all over the place in search of "that other white marabou." "What's that SMELL?" she asked - to which I replied "Rotting bucktails...but they're still good!"