Friday, July 24, 2009

Food (Imitations) for Thought

I'm not sure trout have the neurons in their noggin to remember a particular food that they would consider comfort food. But I can tell you that right now, their short-term memory has a hankering for these hatching, falling morsels.

Tricos, early morning. Over by 9:00AM, but a blast when you're still half-asleep and the air is cool and moist.
The above is a fairly standard imitation, the one below is Al's Trico, a wonderfully simple pattern that is very effective.
Evenings bring all kinds of falling bugs, and one of the best right now is the Isonychia spinner. It's a big meal and trout love 'em. This is my extended body deer body hair pattern.
And finally, a daytime into evening favorite, the Yellow Sally. This small, pale yellow stonefly hatches sporatically throughout the day and when they return to the choppy water sections of our streams to lay their eggs they draw trout up to them like a kid to candy.
Don't forget to fish terrestrials any time of the day - ants, beetles and hoppers - as they are definitely a trout comfort food if ever there was one......I think. All I know is they work.


Unknown said...

I had some good trico action Wed - last week on the SBR - only thing is I left my box of flies home :-(
stupid me I altered a few flies and did get one nice bt - yeah

That yellow sally w eggs interesting care to share the recipe?

Matt Grobert said...

That is a great pattern - Mercer's Glass bead Yellow Sally. I'll post the recipe on the blog....