Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tonight Was Cool, Bright With Lots of Trout Rising

I'm beat, fished well into dark tonight thanks to Karen being out with the girls. Caddis were hatching, trout were feeding on them, and taking my silly imitations of those caddis like they were candy. It was a classic dry fly evening that soothes the soul and creates a long-lasting smile.

And the fly of the day? An Iris Caddis....................what else?

I'd tell you more, but I have to get up at dawn to go help stock trout thanks to King Corzine furloughing the paid Fish and Game (and all state workers) later this week. I'm actually looking forward to spending the time volunteering with the other conservation corps guys.

Got to hit the hay.

Life is Good. More shits and giggles tomorrow.

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micah said...

hey buddy!

Ralphy (remember him?) was out ont he Musky last night. Says it was turned on.

I'm skipping out at 3:00 to run accross town and then heat up to the Gunpowder this evening. Can't wait! Helloo summer!