Friday, May 22, 2009

Sometimes its What Happens on the Way to the River That Makes Your Day

After dinner last night, I headed down to the river to catch another evening's Sulphur and Caddis Riot. As I pulled out of the drvieway and started to head up the hill, I saw the silhouette of a doe standing over what looked like a rabbit laying on the road. So I started up slowly and as I approached the beasts, I saw it was a doe with a beautiful, white speckled fawn, with halos of gold from the setting sun.

The fawn was reluctant to get up, but mom made her way into the woods just off the road. I waited to see if the fawn would follow mom, but it sat still and hid its face in its front legs.

Despite our road being a single lane, we have plenty of dumb asses that think the minimum speed limit is 45MPH, and the maximum whatever the SUV will go when the pedal is pressed to the metal. (Where's everyone going in such a hurry. Don't they know that life passes you fast enough without you passing it by faster?) So, I got out and after taking a couple of photos with my cell phone, I picked it up and placed it in the woods about 10 feet off the road. It was silky smooth, light as a heavy feather, and calm as sunrise. Mom watched unblinkingly from a distance, snorting lightly, ears at attention and stiff as a board.

I pulled away slowly and waited up the road until I saw mom on her way back to the little one.

Oh, and the fishing was spectacular again! An hour of fishing egg-laying caddis, and then when the sulphurs got going I switched to an emerger and continued to enjoy the riot. Managed a hat trick, with several of each species to hand. The wife is in the city tonight, so I'll just have to get involved in another bug and trout riot tonight after work.

Life is Good. Its' the journey, not the destination. Get out and fish.


Unknown said...

that's cool man!

I'm hoping to head up to the Big Gunpowder this wednesday after work for more sulpher madness. We'll see how my cold is doing.

Matt Grobert said...

Hope you got out and hit it like I did! How's the man cave lfy tying room coming along?