Monday, March 30, 2009

Do Fly Fisherman Have Fantasies?

The answer.....oh, yeah!

So I emptied the hot tub this past weekend, scrubbed it out and then refilled it. You would think most people would think about the things they would like to do in there, once it was up and running, as they worked on it. You know, like sitting in it after dark on a cool spring night with the woman, some red wine, candles around the perimeter, music, and a black-blue star lit sky softened by a half-moon hanging just above the tree tops. Now that's the ticket!

Most people, but not this one. Been there, done that. Yep, it's fun...

But the whole time I worked on it, I couldn't help but think about how damn cool it would be to cover the bottom with sand, gravel and rocks, fill it with water and put a dozen or so trout in there. I'd put flat, slate-like stones on the seats so they would be like unwater ledges. Plants from the local trout stream would be a must. And some dace (little minnows), snails, a few water logged branches and maybe even a couple of frogs from the pond. I'd also turn off the heater, and unhook all the jets but the two opposite the filter intake, so I could run the motor on low and create a nice current. In the winter, I could run the heater on low, like 50ish, and keep it from icing over. How cool would that be, a little trout stream/pond on my deck.

We could hang out next to it and watch the trout, listen to music and drink wine or beer, feed them, test flies on the water, and talk to my wife about how cool the trout and the pond are, and isn't she glad I decided to turn the hot tub into a trout aquarium?

What do you think, Karen?

OVER MY DEAD BODY! That's what she'll think............

It was fun while it lasted.

Life is Good. See you in the hot tub, honey, and don't mind the trout, they're people, too.


Karen said...

Sweetie, you can turn the hot tub into a trout aquarium, as long as you don't mind sleeping in the guest bedroom......


The Trout Underground said...

That's just crazy talk. Everyone knows you use a bathtub to make a home trout pond.

Anonymous said...

I am all for the trout pond...the best romance is natures romance!
Says your sister who just spent last Sunday hiking in the rain and fog of Norvin Green for 5 blissful "romantic" hours with Brian:)