Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We Got Hammered Yesterday

Woke up yesterday morning to dark skies and a rain-snow combination falling from the gray. By the time I dropped Julia off at her school 3 miles away, it was mostly snow. At work it was a rain-sleet event. No big deal, right?

At about 2:00PM, Karen arrived home from school and called me to tell me the power was out and trees were down all over. She had to go around the long way because the entrance to our street was blocked by no less than a half dozen trees down across it. When I got home around 5:30, the power was still out and even more trees had come down.

We had about 6 inches of wet, heavy snow that was caught by the leaves still on the trees, and many of them couldn't take the weight. It looked like a bomb had gone off here, and at many other places I passed coming home. This is the entrance to our driveway today. The big green mass at the top is also a tree that came down.

A large limb down on the side of the drive.......

Looking east toward the pond. I couldn't get to the pond to check it out,because it was surrounded by downed trees and limbs.

We spent the night in the dark without heat or water, but it wasn't bad thanks to flannel, a thick quilt, and the warmth of my wife! It was 51 in here when I got up this morning....I think I got dressed in record time. When I got home today the power was on, the house was toasty and I had this in my hands........and she's still smiling after 24+ hours without power...what a woman! Oh, and a serious chain saw...........

So, that's it. A mess of trees, a little loss of power and four tired but warm puppies tonight. You know, if this is the worst that happens, I'll take it. Nothing hit the house and no one was hurt. I only wish I had gathered some firewood, but that won't be a problem now, because this Saturday is tree cuttin' day on the Grobert homestead.

Life is good. A little discomfort keeps the rest of this wonderful life in perspective.

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