Saturday, May 24, 2008

Driving Miss Julia

Karen and Leigh are making banana bread out of the bananas that are over-ripened, so I figured I'd write something to keep busy before we get to our scrabble game. Yeah, I know, another exciting Saturday night!

This past week I brought Karen's 8-year old daughter Julia to school a couple of times since her school is on my way to work. She is finishing out the year in Bedminster where she lived before the move, and will transfer to Tewksbury in the fall for third grade.

I think we're the only ones in the "neighborhood" that don't have at least one horse. We're surrounded by farms and woods and streams and nature.

So we're leaving the house the other morning and Julia says that she would rather work on a farm than go to school. I said, "Really? So you would rather feed the pigs and horses in the morning than go to school?"

"Yes, school is boring compared to that." She says will the utmost confidence.

"Umm, what about shoveling horse manure out of the horse stalls everyday?" I asked her.

"Do I have to use my hands?" She askes me. "If I have to use my hands, then I'm going to school!"

On another day she tells me, "I have a friend that can break dance. It was a miracle! She just decided she wanted to break dance, and she did.....just like that!"

"A miracle, huh? Why was it a miracle?"

"Because, she never break danced before and all of a sudden she did!" Julia tells me. "That's a miracle."

I guess it is. So is the wisdom of a child. I envy her and her innocence. If she only knew what we adults think about. Do you think she would want to grow up? Sometimes I just sit and talk to her and ask her questions just to hear and see that life really can be simple and free. It completely frees me, if only for a moment. The only thing that grounds as much is fly fishing in a cool, clear stream surrounded by birds, trees, and a soft breeze.

Life is good. Talk to a little kid once in while.

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