Friday, February 8, 2008

KLTU Meeting 2/12 and other random stuff

On Tuesday February 12, 2008, I'll be presenting a program on Fly Fishing Streams in NJ, at the Ken Lockwood Chapter of Trout Unlimited. The meeting is at 7:30PM and is at the American Legion Hall in Whitehouse Station. I'll be bringing copies of my book, so if you wanted to get one and have it signed at the FF show but didn't since they didn't last long, you can. For more info and directions:

It's been a cRaZy week, school two nights and work meetings the others. School is a trip.....never thought I'd be sitting in a college classroom for 6 hours a week nearing my 50th year of life on this planet. It's a good thing though, you never can learn too much or at least try to tweak more of your gray matter. My girlfriend thinks I'm CrAzY because I can't even keep track of all the shit I have going on, let alone anyone Did she say she wants to go fishing?........I didn't think so......

Work calls, more later........possible topics?

* Fly fishing, fly tying, bugs, fish, and other miscalculations.....

* Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend's wife - she wants to be President!?

* Barak Obama-lama-ding-dong

* George W - "W", I think it stands for "What the hell am I doing?"

* McCain, nah, too boring, and besides he doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell. Come to think of it, Bush may be too boring as well since there's nothing I can say that hasn't already been said, and that he still doesn't get.

Oh, and one other thing............who ever the jerk is that creamed my car in the parking lot at school and didn't find me or leave a note, just remember, you have some bad karma now.......the car can be fixed, but some where, time, and place in the future things will balance out........


Anonymous said...


Great stuff! I'm here at work on Saturday and am happy to say that you made me laugh.

Barack oboma lama ding dong! and the W! Way to go.

Dennis C.

Canadian Bacon said...

I like the topic of J W.. Although I am generally not too ambitious George Bush has and continues to encourage myself that I too could one day become a president. I have similar skills to Jay Dub and a similar track record.

I can only hope they have better standard for interns should I become president one day.

Whats wrong with this world!